Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Emma's 1st Birthday!!!

Emma is now one year old, i can't believe it! She turned on Friday January 27, 2012. Emma is such a cute, fun, squishy little girl! She says a few words (hi, bye, mama, dada, uh oh, etc), loves to eat (chicken nuggets, fruits, toast, actually there isn't much that she doesn't like), can wave bye bye and "roll it" during patty cake, loves her mama, and thinks blake is the coolest. She loves to wrestle blake and her dad, climb on everything she can, and gets just as excited as we do when she accomplishes something new. Emma loves to swing, and help mom in the kitchen (pull out all the tupperware), and she is an excellent sleeper, but i think her favorite time of the day is bed time when tanner and i read books and sing songs to them to help them fall asleep. Emma just keeps handing us book after book and wants us to keep reading. She is just starting to walk everywhere and is such a good girl, whenever she starts crawling, tanner and i will say, "emma, get up and walk!" and she does it every time. First she will smile then stand up and start walking like she is thinking 'oh yea i forgot i can walk!'. I can't believe how much she already understands. Tanner and I always call her our ‘little rolly polly’ because she is so easy going and loves when we get down and play with her. We call her “miss emma”, “emma bemma” , “emma doo”

Blake also loves his little sister, Emma. He has grown up so much since she has come into the family by being more independent and helpful. When i ask him to help her or play with her, he does. I feel like he has become more confident in himself and loves to have someone around all day to play with him.

Emma has been a wonderful addition and blessing to our family this year.

Emma's birthday was on friday and tanner didn't get back from school untill 6pm. That night we went to dinner then to the mall to get emma's birthday gifts! The next day we had a little party with a few friends with pizza, cake, ice cream, bubbles, balloons, and lots of fun!!!.

Mama and Emma at her birthday!
Emma having fun at her party!!!
Very happy to get her chocolate cake! she didn't go too crazy with it just took a few bits then she was done. i think she was too excited to stop and eat.
My nice clean girl.
Emma got a big chair just like blake did on his first birthday!
I made emma a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from scratch! It was so yummy! Emma wasn't sure what to do about the candle so we had to help her blow it out.
This is the only picture i got of all the kids. They had lots of fun playing with the bubble machine
Emma doing her goofy face with her bf oliver!

Brittany and Emma with Lauren and Blake.
All the balloons tanner had to blow up the night before!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Emma is almost walking!!!

Emma took her first step Monday evening! The past two days she has been letting go of the furniture and taking one or two steps at a time. I can't believe she will be walking soon!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

This year we went to Utah to visit my family for christmas! It was so fun but went by so fast! We go there on the the 20th and stayed till the 28th. Unfortunatly, the day before we left tanner and blake were diagnosed with step throat and then the morning before we left emma was also diagnosed with strep throat. That led to very long flights and lots of meds. Luckly we got them on meds so quick that it never got too bad. When we got there we did lots of christmas shopping before the big day. On christmas eve everyone came to my family's house for breakfast dinner with buttermilk syrup, pancakes, bacon sausage, eggs, etc... and then on christmas day we all go to my aunt's house for a turkey dinner. It was so nice to visit my family and i hope to see them again soon!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Emma 10 months!

Emma is growing up so fast i can't keep up with posting about all of the milestones she has hit. Here is a quick summary!
July 4th - emma sitting up (5 months old)
6 month appointment she was in the 50-55% for height and weight 16.11lbs and 26.5 inches.
6 months old emma is talking like crazy, loves attention and smiling! Moving onto all fours.
September 2 - Emmas favorite game is to pop her lips and me so i will do it back to her.
September 7 - Scooting all over the place and wanting to crawl.
September 11- lay on belly -to- sitting up.
September 30- Emma is crawling!
October 1 Emma has her first tooth! ( she is 8 months old here, Blake was almost 13 months before his first tooth!)
October 11 - Follows me around the house crawling.
October 13- Emma is pulling her self up on furniture to standing.
October 14- 2nd tooth
November 19- walking along furniture and transferring from couch to couch.
December 3- Emma is walking with her push cart (toy with wheels) all by herself!

Emma is bright, happy, very smart, loves her big brother blake, loves to eat, loves babies and other kids her age, excellent sleeper, dimples, mommies girl, busy, and beautiful. She loves to play peek-a-boo and wrestle with Blake. Blake is a very good big brother and does not seem to mind at all to play with her. If emma is sad and i am busy i ask blake to go play with emma and he does! it is so nice! Emma will take a lot before she starts crying, not that blake is being mean just because he gets carried away and forgets she is smaller. She can't get enough of him!

Thanksgiving with Friends

Its hard to be this far away from family but we have to many friends around us they are like our family. So this year we had thanksgiving at our house with our friends! Tanner and I made the turkey, it was quite the task! Here is the turkey recipe we followed. We had 8 adults, 4 kids and 2 babies a full house! Luckily our table has a leaf and everyone fit comfortable. Our friend brought a toddler table for the kids to sit and the babies played! It was so fun to visit and talk about what we where grateful for. (pictures to come!)

Halloween 2011

This Year for Halloween was a hard one. The whole month of October our house went through Strep throat, Stomach flu, then ended with a virus (similar to strep throat but no meds). It was hard but we were determined to celebrate Halloween because it is one of our favorite Holidays! We were sad to miss a couple of the parties but we were able to do a few fun things. We were able to go to our ward halloween party friday then went trick or treating monday night!

Emma was a pumpkin, I think i will make all of my kids be pumpkins for their first halloween and just use the same costume. I love that costume! Blake was a cowboy/ sheriff with a horse! He loves horses! Especially to ride them, so tanner and i decided to make him a cowboy so he could ride a horse all night!
Blake was pretty good about riding his horse all night!
and emma was pretty good about being the cutest pumpkin around!
Halloween night we walked around our neighborhood to go door to door trick or treating. There were so many people out trick or treating in our neighborhood that made it so fun! blake rode his bike so he didn't have to walk. It helped make him last so much longer! We made it a whole 1 1/2 streets!
Emma just hung out in the stroller cause she is to little for candy!